Guest Posting Guidelines

First of all, we want to thank you for your time and your intention to contribute to Buxin Investment. We are aware of the fact that only different ideas and opinions can improve quality of our content and provide better experience to our readers.

This is the main reason why we are more than interested to accept guest post from talented authors and people who are capable to write about the topics relevant to Buxin Investment’s audience.

This also means that all authors must be familiar with the topics they are writing about and about articles we have been published so far.

All articles must be written in English, without grammar and spelling errors.

We would like to see some new and fresh ideas, so we will not limit your creativity in any way. The only limit we have to establish is that you must write about business and finance. Everything else (tone, approach, angle, conclusion, presentation) depends on you and your skills.

You can contact our team through the contact form on Contact Us page.

We can promise that we will read every single article, but we cannot promise that all articles will be published.

One more thing: links to spam blogs or website with inappropriate content will not be accepted.

We are waiting for you,

Buxin Investment Team!