Good Car Insurance Really Does Exist

Good Car Insurance

I am absolutely convinced that there should and can be good car insurance available that costs under $100 per month.

Well as it turns out, my assumption is totally true.  The reward that I got for proving this to myself was being able to save nearly $600 a year on my insurance.

Would you like to have an extra $600?  There’s a lot you can do with $600.

Well if so, then listen.  Here is how I was able to shake up my very own car insurance world and basically receive the same cover for nearly 2/3 of the total price.Good Car Insurance

Step 1: Realize You Are Being Had

The car insurance provider that I was with – we’ll just refer to them as quadruple A (AAAA) to disguise their true identity – was pimping me really hard.

I had been a member with them for many years (I think it had been over 10 years) and each year they would raise my rate.  No problems from me, no claims, no accident.  Only me and vehicles growing older.  However, my rates still kept increasing.

Usually when that occurs, being the diplomatic guy that I am, I will call them up to see what kind of agreement we can come up with.  Or in other words, lower the rate or I will go shop around to get a better deal.

This approach to get my auto insurance lowered actually did work for many years – and quite well in fact.  However, recently, they started to give me the middle finger whenever I asked to get better insurance coverage rates.  So I really didn’t have a choice at that point.

Step 2: Shop Around To Find A Couple Of Good Car Insurance Companies:

In today’s age of insurance agents being prepared to call you while you are sleeping and instant quotes, it is crazy not wanting to work with a current customer.  Particularly on something like car insurance that has become such a common commodity.  However, who am I to try and tell AAAA what the current best practices are?

Anyway, it really didn’t take me long at all to get 3 competitor quotes sent to my email inbox.  They were much cheaper than my current rate was.

I gave my insurance provider the opportunity to change my rate.  However, they absolutely refused to budge.

Too bad the train was already on its way.

Step 3 Be Prepare To Switch

Nobody likes breaking up.  Even if all it involves is having a plastic card with your insurance policy number printed on it.  I still felt strange typing up my “so long” email and letting my agent know I wasn’t going to renew my insurance policy the following term.

What was even more insulting was my agent didn’t even cancel my policy.  I was forced to call up AAAA headquarters and speak with a representative there to ensure that my account was discontinued properly.

Lessons I Learned

There will always be a lower price when you are dealing with commodities.  Although I don’t recommend that you always opt for the absolute cheapest option, in my opinion there are many reputable companies that you can work with that can stay within your budget.  That is especially true with something common like good auto insurance.

If you think you are paying too much money for your car insurance, then most likely you are.  Go online and get a couple of quotes.  Be prepared to make the switch.  You may end up $600 richer if you do.