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The 4 Types of SME Funding Solutions For Singapore Business Owners

It is quite clear that the existence of funding institutions has boosted economic development by far. For Singapore, based on 2014 statistics, SMEs account for 99% of all the enterprises and contribute about 48% of the value-added in the nation’s

Debt Collection Agencies Help Companies to Collect Dues from Customers

Companies constantly offer credit to customers as a facility that helps to increase their business. This action can quite often result in arrears and outstanding amounts that can greatly upset the cash flows needed for smooth business operation. It makes

Coming Up With a Down Payment

Down Payment

Coming up with a down payment can definitely be the most difficult part of affording to buy a new house especially if this is the first home you are embarking on purchasing. However, there are a variety of ways in

Ways To Finding Investors For Your Startup – Beginners Guide

nvestors For Your Startup

Introduction Starting a new business is an exciting time for many business owners. However, according to research, it has showed that too often new business ventures are unable to succeed due to lack of capital in the first two years

Guide To Startup For Business Creators


If you want to make a business, you need to read this guide to startup. It’s hard to begin in this because you have to have equal amounts of faith and skill. Here is a list of a few things

Microloans For Business Funding

Microloans For Business Funding

Microloans can be a fantastic method for smaller business owners to receive funding to start up a business. If the business owner only requires a couple of thousand dollars this the ideal option to think about. There are countless people

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Partnerships


In business, a partnership is a legally binding agreement between two or more people to either finance, or operate a business, or do both. Every partner as a certain level of authority and responsibility in the affairs of the business